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What Roof Style Should You Choose When Custom Designing Your Metal Building?

At Enterprise Supercenter we are a certified dealer of Safeguard metal buildings. That being said, did you know that Safeguard offers several roofing styles for your portable metal building? They include the following:

Regular Style or Standard Style:

The regular style or standard style roof has metal panels that run horizontally from front to back. The primary feature of this type of roof style is to provide shelter and it also happens to be the most economically priced.

Boxed Eave Roof Style

The boxed eave roof style has the same features as the regular style or standard style with the except for the fact that it has a square framed unit with the appearance of a matching home roof line These metal panels are called “Panel Loc Plus that have ¾ inch ridges placed on 9-inch centers which provide durable protection with that added striation on top of the ridge for more strength. Safeguard has added a smaller L-Trim to this style roof.

Advantages of the Regular / Standard Roof Style and the Boxed Eave Roof Style

These types of roof styles are more affordable since they do not require the hat channel or the ridge cap that the vertical roof style requires.

Vertical Roof Style

The vertical style roof features panels that run vertically from the ridge down to the eave side. The ridge cap tops of the unit where the vertical panels meet at the apex of the roof. The ridge cap is designed to connect adjacent roofing panels to provide waterproof covering. This feature also allows the roof to breathe. Additionally, the hat channel helps to support the vertical roof panels and it makes the structure more rigid. More so, the trusses have a welded transition that comes down and gets bolted into the legs. These units come with roof trim on the sides and on the ends for an overall finished appearance and safety

Advantages of the Vertical Roof Style

This type of roof style allows water, snow, leaves and other debris to flow off easily.

Watch this Video Below for More Information on Roof Styles

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