Life changes, fast, and often. Portable buildings can provide an attractive solution to many unexpected life changes.  Here are few wonderful, unexpected

Uses for Portable Buildings:

Housing for Aging Parents

Uses for Portable BuildingsThe median price of an assisted living, one-bedroom was $3,500 in 2014, according to a Cost of Care Survey released by Genworth Financial. Long-term family care equates to $42,000 per year and let’s face it, things are getting more expensive, not cheaper. If a parent or grandparent is getting to an age where they need a little help with housework, but are still able to live semi-independently, consider moving dad or mom into a backyard portable home instead of an expensive assisted-living. Besides saving money, they will feel less isolated and lonely if they can occasionally join the family for dinner. Don’t think your local zoning department will allow you to add a portable home on your lot? You might be surprised to find that many zoning departments will allow housing leniency for medical reasons.

Vacation Rentals, Deer Lease or Fishing Cabin

Uses for Portable Buildings

On of the most unexpected uses for portable buildings is creating your own vacation rental place. If your needing a little extra money, portable homes can be inexpensively converted into great tiny house rentals. With hotel rooms in major cities frequently charging $150 or more a night, portable homes can provide a solution for guests looking for more of a home away from home feel. Finding renters is easier now than it has ever been thanks to a plethora of websites offering to list vacation rentals. In addition to some extra income, you conveniently have somewhere for your friends and family to stay when they are in town. Remember to check if your local zoning code will allow you to operate a vacation rental on your property before you buy.


Cabin Homes

There is nothing quite like visions of a home away from home. Sipping coffee on a porch in the forest, fishing, hiking, and seeing the kids enjoying nature instead of staring at their cell phones. But for those of us who aren’t millionaires, the thought of another mortgage, not to mention another 1,500 square feet to dust, is enough to make us think twice about that particular dream. Tiny homes and portable buildings make for a cost effective, less to dust solution that can turn that dream into a reality.

Storage Building

uses for portable buildingsStorage is where it all started and remains one of the best uses for portable buildings! Sooner or later, most of us find ourselves needing a little extra storage space. The last time I went looking for a storage unit, a 10X10 unit cost between $80 and $125 a month. That equates to $960 to $1,500 a year. At that price, buying your own portable building might be a better and cheaper solution in the long run.

Home Office

uses for portable buildings

If your work requires frequent conference calls or visits from clients, consider moving your office into a portable building with an open layout. By separating the office from the house, your work space becomes private and quieter. Adding a gated entrance allows clients direct access to your office, without seeing your spouse sitting on the couch.

Hobby Room

Our hobbies provide much needed down time and enjoyment, but sometimes we just don’t have the room for the supplies that go along with them. Portable buildings allow you to putter to your heart’s content, without taking over the dining room table. Added bonus, you don’t have to move your work just to serve dinner.

Home Gym

Uses for Portable BuildingsLike clockwork, every New Year’s celebration is followed by a resolution to exercise off those holiday pounds. If you are not looking forward to tripping over dumbbells for the remainder of the year, consider adding a portable building out back to house your own private gym. Add a mini-fridge for water bottles, a TV for yoga videos, and a stereo for your favorite tunes and you are set.


  • Gwen McAllister says:

    About how much do your buildings cost for a bedroom, kitchen,bathroom and living room …just curious.

    • Shawna says:

      Hello Gwen. Thanks for your inquiry. The cost would depend on the size of the building and amount of work to be done, as well as the interior finish. It could cost anywhere from $35,000 all the way up to $90,000. Can you tell me what size you were looking for? You can also find some of our floorplans on our facebook page, or I can email you some info on sizes and pricing. Thank you!

  • Donatelli Parrimon says:

    Down payment on a 16 x 50 and then I need the monthly payment then try to deliver lone Oak, TX 75435 on a finish building

    • Shawna says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. The down payment and monthly payment would depend on the amount of the building, but we are only able to do rent to own on the shells. Finished cabins are cash only, or you can go to your bank for financing. We are able to deliver the shell to you free, but if we custom finish one for you, the first 50 miles would be free, then you would be charged a fee per mile. Please let me know if you would still like pricing on the shell for a 16′ x 50′, and if so, could you possibly tell me an approximate number of windows and exterior doors that you would like. I can then get you an estimated down payment and monthly payment for that building. Thank you!