Tiny houses may not be the newest thing you’ve heard about, but they are certainly among the trendiest  of idea’s in the real estate market right now.  The number of individuals embracing this form of living,  tiny houses Custom Finished Portable Cabineither on temporary or permanent basis, is increasing by the day and the interest of several others have been aroused.

This unique style of living might have been inspired a decade ago, but the movement is in full swing now and admired by many for their aesthetic and conceptual appeal. Ever wondered why people are going crazy about them?


Here are 6 Reasons for the Tiny House Craze

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Most of the people embracing the concept of tiny houses are those that are conscious of the environment and are committed to contributing in their own special ways to save it for the future. In all ramifications, tiny houses are environmentally friendly. From the materials used in their construction, to the simplistic ways of living inside them, there are several benefits to the environment.

They Are Portable

tiny houses - Custom Finished Out Studio Cabin by Enterprise Center

Custom Finished Out 1-Bedroom Cabin

Many people have realized that their dream tiny house can be built using a simple custom finished out cabins.  Portable buildings are small, they can easily be moved, and are inexpensive. Most are constructed with wheels to facilitate mobility. Imagine the freedom of moving houses without any form of change in your interior space! This is something you can never obtain with traditional houses.

They Are Inexpensive

tiny houses Derksen 12 x 32 Portable Cabin

Custom Finished Out Cabin

Though the cost of construction may not be the principal factor for many that are in love with the tiny house movement, it is still a great motivating factor. Portable buildings are strong and durable, requiring little maintenance. Tiny houses are not just less-costly in terms of construction cost, they also cost less in terms of insurance and taxes.


They Are Energy Efficient

The energy need of a tiny house is quite negligible when compared to what is obtainable with traditional houses. Owners of such houses can either hook their houses to a power line or opt for alternative energy. Whichever is used, the energy requirement is lower in tiny houses.

They Are Easier To Maintain

Maintaining a home can be tough, but a tiny house makes this simpler. Only basic activities are required to keep the house in a good condition. Basic activities like dusting, sweeping, vacuuming will go a long way in keeping the house in a great shape, and repairs don’t cost much.

They Offer Unlimited Freedom

This is unarguably the biggest benefit of tiny houses and the reason most individuals are willing to go for them. Tiny homes offer unlimited freedom in different areas. With rent-to-own options and easy financing, portable buildings offer freedom from debt and the freedom to dictate every aspect of living enjoyment.

There you have it!  Above are a couple of reasons why people are going crazy about tiny houses. Housing is one of the major factors that weigh individuals down. The tiny home movement has done a lot to save people from the burdens associated with housing and it is not surprising that people are choosing it over traditional homes. With the features considered above, it is easier to see why people are crazy about the trend.