Every backyard chicken owner wants a chicken coop that has lasting quality, affordability, and is easy-to-assemble. The problem is that most chicken coops are either low quality imported kits, or bulky and super expensive custom-build coops that are difficult to unload from the truck to your backyard.

Hence, why we are proud to be a distributor of OverEZ Chicken Coops. They are really EZ to ship, EZ to assemble, and EZ to move around your backyard. Plus they make having backyard chickens easy and really fun! Take a look at the full selection we offer below!

When you get your OverEZ coop, you’ll finally have the high-quality coop your backyard pet chickens deserve — and a high quality coop you can afford. The charming OverEZ Chicken Coops can be assembled in 30 minutes (S, M, L) to 60 minutes (XL) and will last for many years. You’ll save BIG compared to spending thousands on those bulky coops that are so expensive to ship and very difficult to unload form the truck to your backyard.

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Chicken Coops

Coop in a Box
(Up to 5 Chickens)
Small Chicken Coop
(Up to 5 Chickens)
Medium Chicken Coop
(Up to 10 Chickens)
Large Chicken Coop
(Up to 15 Chickens)
XL Chicken Coop
(Up to 20 Chickens)

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