Taking a metal structure and converting it into a home has become a very popular idea these days and has taken on the identity of Barndominium. Whether it is just taking a simple garage and enlarging it or maybe taking one of our many style barns and redesigning them, turning them into a livable home has become a real trend and is ever-expanding. One of the many reasons they have become so popular is because they can be ordered and constructed in just a matter of a few weeks. Your slab can be poured and soon after your unit will arrive and in a matter of a day, you are dried in and ready to start interior build-out! 

Our staff at Enterprise Supercenter can sit with you and custom design the home you are trying to create.  Once you have a Master Plan, you can then design the metal shell for it. We can then send that plan to our manufacturing plant and they will fabricate that building to that plan.  This can be very exciting and all of this extra designing is completely free to our customers. Our joy comes in seeing your final result! 

Design Your Metal Building

Barndominium Features:

  • Unique designing gives you the home you are dreaming up 
  • Roofing pitch can be increased from 3/12 to 4/12 or 5/12 
  • Extra windows and custom doors can be added 
  • Porch areas and garages can be apart of the main unit 
  • Concrete dry-in time is much less than a standard built home
  • Includes free custom interior designing by our staff

Barndominium Pricing

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