Enterprise SuperCenter offers metal Animal Run-In Sheds perfect for pasture animals (i.e. horses, cattle, llama, alpaca, goats, etc.) to take shelter from the rain, wind, snow, and hot sun when they’re out to pasture. Our metal loafing sheds are custom designed and built on-site.

At Enterprise SuperCenter, you can customize run-in sheds that will fit your animals’ needs. We offer options like tack rooms, numerous color options, doors, and gates.  All our run-in sheds have metal siding providing a maintenance-free solution.  Place a run-in shelter in each pasture so you know your animals are comfortable and protected during any weather condition.

A simple, three-sided shelter with an open front will meet the needs of many farm animals on pasture and is often the building of choice to raise healthy livestock. When designing a three-sided animal shelter, make sure the open side faces south, away from prevailing winds. Locate the structure on an elevated, well-drained site and keep winter access in mind for feeding and water handling.

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