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Add Some Extra Flair to Your Building

Whether you’re buying a brand new building or are just ready for something different with your existing building, Enterprise Supercenter offers various additional services to meet your needs.


Outdoor decks can excite nearly every home or cabin. Whether you use it as a backyard retreat or for entertaining, decks are multifunctional fun outdoor living spaces. Typical construction is of a post and beam architecture which can, if desired, allow for attractive hand railing above the flooring.

Creating a deck tailored to your taste could not be easier with Enterprise SuperCenter.  Search the internet and find the look that you would like.  Bring a copy of that to us and our professional team will build it for you.  Plan that nice summer evening, sitting in a comfortable chair and watching the world go by as you sip a tall, cool beverage.


Slightly different from a patio or a deck, there are several different types of porches that can spice up your building.

  • Open Porch: This is the type most often associated with front porches, often with wide steps leading to the porch
  • Wraparound Porch: These neat porches often start at the entry of a home or cabin and literally wrap around at least one corner and side of the house; sometimes two and have even been known to go completely around the entire unit.
  • Screened Porch: Popular in regions with four seasons and lots of insects (like mosquitoes) in the summer, these porches give you that fresh-air experience, even in the rain.
  • Covered Porch: A variation on the screened-in style, these porches are often like sunrooms, with lots of windows that open to let in the fresh air.

Again, we invite you to search the internet and find the style porch that you would like.  Bring a copy of that to us and our professional team will build it for you.


Add-ons or extensions are often the way to go if you are needing additional living space connected to your existing home or cabin. Here are some top reasons to add on to your building:

  • Your home or cabin is feeling a bit cramped
  • You need a specialized place for hobbies and entertainment
  • You are needing a space for a home office
  • You want to give one of your children their own private bedroom
  • Expand your living space (without the stress and expense of moving!)

We are sure there are many other reasons and we at Enterprise Supercenter can help you out. We have the ability to attach a portable unit to your existing unit and tie it together seamlessly, giving you that added space needed. In addition, we can custom build an add-on for you.  We will sit down with you, design out your dream, and then build it.

Concrete Finishing

Concrete Commercial or residential driveways, sidewalks, patios, house, and garage slabs. We even do retaining walls.  For the last ten years, Enterprise SuperCenter has been serving central Texas with all kinds of concrete needs. Unless otherwise requested by our clients, we use the following for slab preparation:

  • 2” x 6” Forms and pour anywhere from 4” – 6”
  • 8” x 12” Beams around exterior walls
  • 6 Mill Poly for moisture barrier
  • 3/8” Rebar throughout the floor on 16” centers, all tied and raised on chairs
  • ½” Rebar used in all beams
  • Tin-Rail around exterior
  • 3,000 PSI Concrete on Interior Slabs & 3,500 PSI used on Exterior Slabs

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